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Salutations, I'm just a bean thats a repressed emo who's an anxious, pessimistic introvert -- thats a good yet weird way to describe myself, ain't it? I've been told I'm Pretty. Odd.. but then again, who isn't? --- I'm a complete band trash and I'm proud about it. I've been trying to make my own songs too. I won't release them though, they're just for fun!
Things I love that probably is gonna be the cause of my death and low phone storage :
•Panic! At The Disco
•Twenty Øne Piløts
•Fall Out Boy
•My Chemical Romance
•All Time Low
•Pierce The Veil
•Sleeping With Sirens
•Asking Alexandria
•The Used
•Escape The Fate
•Melanie Martinez
•Black Veil Brides
•Drums, Ukulele and Guitar
•Listening to Music
•Crying at the fact that I have a tiny chance on meeting my Idols.
Stay Alive, It's worth it. I promise

We all have our masks that we wear

Use your glutes

'Scuse me, could you please 7

Music can make things hurt less

The beginning of purpose is found in creating something only YOU understand

Words are knives that often leave scars

The only difference between life and dying, is one is trying. That's all we're gonna do.

☞ Lovely (Tyler Joseph x Reader) = Ongoing
☞ You're the tear in my heart (Josh Dun x Reader) = Temporarily Discontinued
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