Kindly read before you PM me fellas... I am looking for positive people, negative ones bore me, because negative people spend too much time dwelling on things they can't probably change, caught in suspense, never reaching goals or striving to be any better. If this were a perfect world, then all of us would be perfect. There is no perfect human being, there are only those who strive towards perfection. I am looking for an equal, someone to go through life's hills and valleys with. I am looking for a long-term relationship, I'd just like to add and build a fence around your heart, not a wall. Allow others to see but not readily touch. Let them approach and behold, to consider its beauty. I enjoy the outdoors, especially the beach. Walking on the beach at night, waves crashing restlessly, a million stars in the sky, ahhh perfect for me. I also like dining out, plays, movies, art (another of my passions). I'm pretty flexible as far as activities goes. If it is meant to be, then every word and every touch will fuel our passion like flames. And we may be one. Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship as the days pass by to months and years if we connect positively. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning or the fear to fall in love again, but how much love you build till you touch yourselves and make it real.
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