Hello! Sooo... I'm a sixteen-year-old girl named Nikoletta, not Nicole, not Nicolette and not Nikoleta, its Nikoletta. I live in an area (that will remain confidential) in Athens, Greece.
I live with the struggle of being 5'10 and paler than all the others
I love drawing (but no my profile picture is not a drawing of mine unfortunately), singing (even though everyone else around me wishes I didn't), reading and writing even though I don't have anything posted but that is because I have sooo many ideas for books but never finish any of them!
I also really love foreign languages and learning them. I speak fluently Greek(obviously) and English(I've been learning for 9 years), and also French, a little of Russian and I also want to learn Spanish, Russian (better), Italian, Ukranian and maybe German.
I'm thinking of becoming an translator/enterprenteur in the future.
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