@Ereri104 Thank you so much >.< But I just read my old stories again and oh gosh my english was so bad xD It's still not perfect :'D


That cliffhanger of the cow and the farmer depressed me :((((
          Please continue it I need to know what happens next :,,,,,(((((((


Please update gay and royals. I know it's been a year since you last updated the story, but damn it was a great one. *still a waiting reader* :)


Will u pretty please with an cherry on top update gay and royal that is a really cute little thing about Eden and levi


Please please update gay and royal please please please please Its one of my favorite Ereri books and I almost lost in the dark deeps of Wattpad


Im the girl who freaked out a min ago on instagram! Im excited to read your books and btw you said that your first language want English so where are you from? (Im not from America or UK or Australia also)


Heyyy :D  Hope you like my ff's xD I'm from germany!


I found you on here then somehow found you're instagram and just saying i love the way you write and you're stories are amazing 


Thank you soo much! It makes me so happy to hear that! :D