hello hello it’s endearment ~ it’s been a hot minute now hasn’t it ,, how is everyone ? 


@endearment i’m doing pretty well, how are you?? 


@endearment lowkey grilled 


hi! i just wanted to pop in here just to say that I really find solidarity in your books - although they are short, they are appeasing and like a candle, as in, it's soft, but I can never touch it because I'll get burnt. What I mean to say is your writing is so beautiful and untouchable, because it's THAT good. It is one of a kind. So thank you, for allowing me to observe the solace within your books. Have a wonderful evening/day/night.


Hello I loved ur story flicker :) stay blessed and happy keep sharing your talent to the world<3 uwu koo night


[ ⁺ ¹ ᵐᵉˢˢᵃᵍᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵏᵃʸˡᵃ ! ] 
          hey hi! just popping in 
          to say i miss your works 
          immensely and i hope you’re 
          doing well. i’ve admired 
          your writing style for a while. 
          remember that you’re loved,
          wanted, worthy, and you do 
          have a purpose in life. all 
          positivity and love in the world 
          to you wherever you are. stay 
          safe, stay healthy, love yourself.
          xoxo, @bwingsoos <3 


hi there! thank u for this sweet message ,, hope you’re doing well too and taking care. ·ᴗ· 


to the anon to asked me a question on curiouscat ,, i replied !! (sorry its a lil late i dont check cc regularly)