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          The ceiling is currently up and I know that. Okay, so it's been nearly a year since we met on instagram and you weren't on wattpad yet. I'm sorta glad I convinced you to make one because ever since you did our friendship grew so much, I learned so much interesting things about you even if you were a meanie butt at first and literally said my existence was irrelevant and that I was the cumshot my mum should have swallowed. You had pretty good insults though, so I learned not to get on your bad side. You're a really great friend and I appreciate all your kind words and even when you have the same amount of problems as I do, probably even more, you still make time and patience to let me pour my entire heart out and sometimes you convince me to get high, buT NoOo. I'm a clean and innocent d00d. :-) Thank youuu. Thanks for the amazing jokes, the good music, the honesty, the comforting words and most importantly. The free fuckin' food. And maybe the free vodka as well, when it's needed. Jk. Cx. Thankyou for just being an amazing person in general. I hope your, ;-) lovelife becomes sucessful. ;-) I ship you two. ;-) A lot. ;-) Make babies. ;-) :-) Jkkkk. Don't have babies to early. Throwing shade at myself. :-) but babies are amazing sometimes so you can borrow mine for a while. Jk. I don't trust you in that way. Lmfaoooo. Okay, Aubree. I love you, you take care of yourself and don't drink too much when you're outside because you are fucking violent when you're drunk. Smile ! You smile biggggg and I'll always be here for ya. Love you, Sake the Sand Bitch. Frommm, Jinn the Human with White Hair.