I hope you all like it! https://www.wattpad.com/story/219301902


My favorite mithcal creature is the dragon who wouldnt want to be an arumured scaled beast with a beautiful scale pattern (refuring ti you bio) and yea id havw to agree that finding a mate would be nice 


            Hey can u plz let me know when u are planning to update your story Please Let me know.....?
          Or is the story discontinued or is it on hold. Can u plz let me know since you haven't update since 2013  four years ago. The story is an amazing awesome creative different unique wonderful story plot you have going on there. It's one of my favorite book on here. So I hope you are okay and I hope u can let me know if the story will be continue or not... Thank u for listening to me.


I love domination sensation I am just curious as to what made you write the book


I absolutely adored this story. :) loved how you made her situation tragic, yet romantic. I hope you wrote more!


@NynokaTaylor Well I discovered BDSM and then I go into it more and more. I also read 50 Shades of Grey (which isn't the proper or good way of BDSM) and I liked it a lot. I then got an inspiration of some sort and wanted to write something sexy and different. :)