Bonjour, I ain't french but I like to think I am👌🏼

Chances are you clicked on my profile because I either commented something really dumb/concerning or my pf picture of miss Harold styles caught your eyes since he's one gorgeous specimen.
Caleb Lockhart is my husband, fight me and Cameron, nico is just my boo, along with julien and aiden😌(Damon and Will ofc)

I'm not cheating on all of them I just like having them on stand by and the occasional orgy.

I'm sarcastic and have an extremely dirty mind- it's actually concerning me btw,needing to go to church for some of the books in my library...
Catch my drift, right that's enough I should probably be revising but it's all gucci as long as I don't think about it 💅🏼✨drop a follow while you're here, since I know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. 😗✌🏼

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