Next chapter of Death of a Dream is out, and it's holiday-themed! Too bad it's Joe's turn to narrate.


I hope you will continue the two books. I read requiem of solider 1 yr back i want to read 2 book eagerly I mean next chapter after Ryan and Anna met .I hope you won't discontinue


Your books are so good! I’m literally begging you, PLEASE right more of the Requiem for Soldier! I would totally love to see more of what happens down the road with Ryan and Ana. Do the get married? What about kids? Where do they live? Haha I apologize for the ranting, I’m just so happy. The book was one of my uptime favorites!!


Lol *alltime 


Hi Elle
          Hope you well.
          Read all your books about Ryan and Anna in one day and night.
          Absolutely love them, can't wait to read more about Ryan and Ana. 
          Keep up the great work.
          Take care, 
          Keep safe


I just wanted to thank you. For writing Requiem for a soldier, for creating those amazing characters and for making me fall in love with a good book again. Your story is exquisite. I loved it so so much. I cried so much.
          Idk when the 2nd book will be completed. But i feel happy for just reading this story. 
          Hope you are safe and have a wonderful life❤


Requiem for a Soldier was the absolute best thing I’ve read in a very long time! I loved it so much!!


Hi there just wanted to let you know Requiem for a Soldier was the most amazing book I ever read here and it broke my heart just as equally, no joke I was sad for at least 1 month and couldn't read anything else until I knew Ryan was alive, that truly I still don't know for sure. But please please make him have a happy life I beg you, we already suffered enough  anyways love your books have a nice new year