(this was also posted on the latest update to fleeting but I figured I'd put it up here as well so more can see)
          	hey everyone, how's life been treating you?
          	anyways, I've been suffering writer's block and burnout lately esp with the hp universe bec of the current discourse on jk rowling,, and how consuming media on hp is indirectly supporting her... idk y'all I love the world + the characters she created but I also can't dismiss her racist/transphobic/etc views. so it's been really hard to come to terms with all of that dhbdj also v hard considering that I've also been writing hp fanfic for over four/five -ish years now
          	lmk what you guys think abt this, I'd genuinely love to hear your thoughts
          	honestly she should've just taken her millions and kept her mouth shut,, sigh


@elleira- i think that we can use inspo from the general hp world and start our own, new characters, new plot, and everything it would be like the american hogwarts- we'd give it the right ideals and teachers + staff and the characters would be more diverse it's just an idea but i've been thinking abt it for a while since her comments set me off anything i try to write something as well,,