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I'm someone who saunters through the worlds of fantasy in the mornings, sneaks through the doors to become a scientific detective during afternoons, lurks through the lands of writing during the evenings and is deep inside books during nights.

An enthusiast of high and contemporary fantasy, cutting edge science fiction, thrilling mystery and just everything that gets me on edge.

When you don't see me with a pen or my glasses, I'm sitting lazily on my grey couch, binge watching Netflix thriller series or watching a Marvel movie for the 100th time or simply analysing a TV series. And yes, let not my favourite pizza or chips be forgotten who usually accompany me in being, just - lazy.

I'm an introvert and an extrovert alike. My split personality usually reveals sides when my brain orders it to. Yeah, my brain's that functional.

I simply live by a single motto - be kind to one another. ALWAYS.
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