Hi I enjoy reading.

@toziersdaddyissues on insta

i like:
the goldfinch
bill hader snl
the nbhd
chase atlantic
july talk
girl in red
many other films, books, tv shows, bands, and misc.

and basically every ship from it as long as its not billverly

i will never read a tgf fanfic for personal reasons but if you wanna talk about it feel free to dm me or pm me anytime, i love it when people randomly message me and i love talking to new people.

dm me or pm me, you can literally say hi and ill immediately start a whole topic of conversation and all my crackassery so dm me for a good/exhausting time. pm me links to good fics, or dm me good edits. also recommend me music! you can message me about literally anything, lets be friends

my fan account: as stated above my fan acc is @toziersdaddyissues no thats not because of the kink, yes its because of the nbhd song please no judgement. feel free to follow me and dm me! i love that we can be insta friends. if you originally know me from insta rad. if you wanna dm me and ask me to make a specific edit, i will! i love doing requests. if you wanna collab, thats fun too! dm me!

i am:
richie tozier
richie tozier from mixtape
eddie kaspbrak in the promise
boris pavlikovsky
blackout drunk theo decker
a top
the elio to olives oliver
not having a very cash money time
not the clown, im the whole circus
platonically in love with @xoxochar
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And in my head, i see you again, cause he looks a lot like i did back thenBaby its timeTo find a Lookalike
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