Also, this is just an update on myself since so many people are asking (you all are so thoughtful!!). 
          	I’m doing well, although these past couple of years from 2019-now have definitely been rough on my spirits and hard for me, mentally. But, lately things have been pretty great and I’m optimistic about the future (at least most of the time). I hope you all are doing well and are taking care of yourself—physically and mentally!  


So glad you came back and said that you were okay !


I’m so happy you’re back and doing well!! Thank youuuu and take your time! <3


I started reading these books as a Junior in high school and here I am at the age of 25 desperately trying to find these books again. Elizabeth, if you are there please bless us all again. 


@anunez_18 these books had us in a choke hold and they still do because we're desperately waiting on an update ugh. So yes, please bless us againnn. 


GORLLL YOU BETTER COME BACK I remember reading desire and the whole series when I was about 14-15 years old and I'm 20 now. I miss your books more than anything. I'm back on wattpad after such a long time and the first thing I did was see if you had your books still up. Please write again, it doesn't even have to be on wattpad. GORL IM TELLING YOU. I WILL BUY YOUR BOOKS, just write again please;_;


bye im literally in the same position as you!  i was a teen when i first read her books and now im 20! i was in love with the series!