Apologies for the delay in updates...
          	I've been really sick this past week... to the point that I was worried that I had contracted the coronavirus that is wrecking havoc worldwide right now. Fortunately I'm slowly gettinh better and I'll have new updates for you this coming week.
          	Once again sorry and thank you for your constant support and STAY SAFE everyone. 
          	To all my readers that are from the countries that have experienced the disasters that welcomed 2020, be strong and my prayers are with you ❤️


@ehl_kayy_writes feel better and hey check it out, chapter 1 of my new book:
          	  Oye, échale un vistazo, capítulo 1 de mi nuevo libro:
          	  Oh, and new chapters every Thursday! I hope you enjoy it, luvs.
          	  ¡Oh, y nuevos capítulos todos los jueves! Espero que lo disfruten, luvs.


@merkisha neither do I. It seems really good.


@ehl_kayy_writes hey dear.....hope u are fine now???? It had been 2 month from your last update.....atleast one msg that u are ok???


Love has many definitions. Every individual defines it in his or her own way. This is the journey of two people who also define the beautiful meaning of love. 

          This is my first story. Please go through it. I will be really grateful for your support. ❤


sometimes its just easier to get stuff off of your chest..
          •confess anything 
          •everyone stays anonymous
          •no judgement 
          if you have a confession click the link in my bio


Hi u are an amazing writer I've read all ur books and they are all awesome keep up with the good work... when are u gonna update Bittersweet expectations pls?


Hey when will u be updating Bittersweet Expectations... Can't wait to read what happens next❤️