Hello there, fellow human.

My name is Gappy, well it's not cause you gotta be #cybersafe kiddies. Well this is my Wattpad account thing I guess, I have this up just in case I START writing so that'll be an experience for us all.

Anyway it says about me so let's talk about me. I am your stereotypical shut-in teenager, I like those japanese cartoons and comics, I like video games, I have no friends, the whole world doesn't like me, etc.

I also like/love/want to marry Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, which is why I use a Jojo as my online handle. I also rarely/probably never will upload anything because it takes alot for me to start AND finish writing a chapter, at the very least something I'm happy with.

So that's me, I guess.
Gappy is gone xd
(see it's funny cause alliteration kmn)
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