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WELCOME TO THE MINDSCAPE | ANASTASIA...created by nightmare as one of his evolved legions to spread terror on earth - only when he was defeated by agamotto, anastasia was left no choice but to hide. throughtout centuries she lived from body-to-body (anastasia is a demon; among her abilities is to take a host and feed upon its fears to stay alive) finding a new purpose while slowly, and unwillingly, falling in love with humanity. one day, when the eye of agamotto was stolen by a fellow legion, it left a certain sorcerer no choice but to ask for her help, thus the beginning of the unorthodoxed against her own creator, and an illicit affair with the sorcerer himself.

ABILITIES: unlike the nightmare who's only be able to render a mind's greatest fear and feed off their emotions, his legion - the NAMELESS ONES - uses it to kill. they can also manifest psionic energy from the mindscape, and become the most powerful defenders of the nightmare realm . anastasia, when captured in kamar taj during the dawn of time and the first age of mystic arts, agamotto took the liberty to teach her magic, making her less of a stranger of the world of sorcerers.

۰۫៚ the best torturers never
get their hands dirty.
  • for alma && frankie only <3 marvel oc + personal plotline ,, heavily relevent to doctor strange mythology
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