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"I want to make a deal with you" He said his back was facing me. He was standing a little ahead of me looking up in the sky. Looking at him no one will tell that he is star gazer.
          "About what" I asked him after some time my voice feels so low infront of his. I was feeling little awkward about talking to him in civil manner. Like whenever we use to meet or should I say bump into each other we never talked. And now it was really weird.
          "You have to move out of my house" he said that statement in no emotion and when I say emotion I mean something like not request, not guilty, nothing just straight face.
          "W-Whaat !" I literally whisperedly yelled at him. Today I had enough of shit first at my own house and now this. 
          "You don't have to worry about it. I will give you an apartment and search a suitable job for you. Its just that you don't have to live around with me or my family. You are matured enough to live on your own now." He said and I didn't believe what my ears were hearing. Is he really kicking me out of his place when I was letting myself accept that from now thats My Home.
          Hey ! Samaira Agarwal here. I'm 23 and I live with my beautiful, chubby, talkative yet strict women whom I called Mom. Well about Dad it's better not talk about him. Being single mom was hard for her and even more hard when you live in so-called Dream City named-Mumbai. 
          She fulfilled all her duties yet all her promises except one which was staying with me. Forever. I still couldn't believe that she really left me, because still I was waiting in my room like now my mom will barge in with spatula in her hand. 
          After her funeral my mom's best friend Mrs. Meera Sharma, she came like fairy god mother to me, she let me in her motherly warm love and she let me in. 
          Time was letting me heal myself until her elder son decide to come back home from Canada after 3 years.
          What happens further join in this journey of Samaira to know. 
           #1 Unwillingly