I just wanna go to bed

I fEeL sO niCe mOm I fEeL sO niCe

May or may not have a thing for Koro-Sensei and his tentacles 💖

Sometimes I like to warm myself up with a tea kettle 🤍❤️

Might pull a Yuki Yoshida idk yet

Let's play the which one is Hikaru and which one is Kaoru game

I'd commit mass genocide for Violet Evergarden and Tohru Honda 😤

Kenma Kozume can throat chop me and I'd thank him

Shinsou could never brainwash me cuz I'm always in pain

Weirdly attracted to Hisoka and unweirdly attracted to Chrollo

My favorite scene from AOT was when Eren's mom got ATE

Boku No Pico is my favorite anime 💞😪

bias is yoongi 🥺✨
bias wrecker is hobi ☺️🍓
i'd like to cry on jins large shoulders
i wonder if RM's dimples will trap my fingers if i poked them
JK seems so sweet omfg bff material
would like to wear tae's gucci pls and thanks
jimin is small and he's so ㅠㅠ
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