hi, i’m maya mollie’s sister. i knew her password but cohen this being myself to come on her account to explain what happened. my account is @youthfulmendes and i can message you from there if you don’t believe. most of you know but mollie passed away during a complication in her surgery. it’s taken me months to pick up the courage to say anything and it still hurts today. i don’t want to disrespect by being on my sisters account but people messages me asking me the ending to her finn story, i have notes she’s written down on here and on paper and on her phone -i was able to keep her phone as a memory of her- about the story and the ending and do u want me to post them on mollie’s behalf? i know she’d want you to know the ending before she passed so let me do this for her please then i never come on her account again 


@demodawgs we'll miss you mollie  <3


@demodawgs we will miss you mollie ❤️


@demodawgs I'm sorry for your lost.