I'm totally re doing my Instagram & making it all about my work on Wattpad as well as a few other things. 
          	If you don't already, I'd really appreciate a follow. :)
          	Deadbeatvalentines is my username, just like on here.
          	Also, if anyone would like to make covers for my stories, that's where I'll be posting them! 


Gosh I was looking for finding Finley...cried when I couldn't find it 


does anyone know why she took down all of her books 


im so upset that their books are gone i want to jump off a cliff


Hi, I'm a fan of you and your work, I recently came to read and everything was removed! Will you post again?


Oh my god okay I’ve spent like the past week searching for ur books and I’m literally on the verge of tears now learning that you took them down. I was looking through my library on my old accounts and I was so confused when I couldn’t find anything of urs. I miss them sm :(


i miss your books so much! when are you gonna repost themmmm


where are all her books omg they were my favourite!!!! i saw that she changed her bio and took down all her books, does anyone know if she quit wattpad??? is she gonna repost them??? (does anyone know her insta by chance?) 


Are you going to repost your books. I miss them. They were so good.