I can't wait to publish the final version of His-Ex Wife.


Hi I just wanted to say that I really like your book His Ex-wife. It did confuse me a little. But as I thought about it you could turn this book into a movie and it would really good. In all I just wanted to say I enjoy it very much!!!! 


I love reading His Ex-Wife. The character I like the most in this story is Alejadro. His dedication, loyalty and determinatiin staggers me. He has the characteristics of my dream man...the live of my life. Should the dream of Mason became their reality, I will prefer Alejandro's qualities...he complements Malia...I envy them both.


@CN_Mobius Hi! I totally agree with you. 


Hi! I loved your book "His ex-wife", although it caused me serious confusion. But I'm glad it did because you were original and follow your instincts not to be cliche. You're an amazing writer!    I wanted to know if you're going to keep/finish writing the sequel for "His ex-wife"? Thank you! Have a wonderful day! ♥️


I loved His ex-wife. It's different but a good difference from every story i've read so far.

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His Ex-Wife - Chapter Seventeen - Always His Mama Bear

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The writer says that's is not how it happen. Malia after the divorce went into a period of depression which sex while pregnant was not ok her mind and was aware that Jonathan and Alejandro were a serious think. But Jonathan got jealous because the depress Malia was getting attention and he assumed things without getting answers in which he left and Alejandro did look for him but he didn't want to be found. Sex did not come up between Malia and Alejandro till years later after their marriage since their honeymoon involved playing uno. Therefore Alejandro never cheated on Jonathan. Malia originally was his beard to cover up his gay life from his family who wouldn't have accepted him as gay. Nina is after all Masons daughter and not Jonathan.