I kill people.Search for them behind the tall dark shadows of the trees during dusk.I devour souls and drink  blood just to satisfy my thirst.I'm a demon from within.A nightmare dressed as a daydream...I act as if nothing happened..No one could stop me now.....xxxxxxx Jussttt JOKING!!!

Hi I'm Devie Rose S. Derota!I live in the Philippines in the metro...A frequent reader of wattpad....Currently in high school.Very good at both english and filipino.And a large failure in Math,wait does 83 counts as a failure?Or its just how I feel..I love technical drawing and my shop work at school which is drafting,and believe me I suck at drawing but I still love it...

I actually am not a nerd,a jock,a prep,a famous person,a smart girl,a pretty face butcheeck,an asshole,a bully,a frequently bullied student,an actress,a clown,a boy's daydreamer nor an incognito....But I am who I am a simple and normal student who have micro-sleeps everyday.Who daydream's a lot more anyone could think of,Acts as if I'm the only one inside the room,Screaming,Trying to write on the table,One of the students who can wreck anything they could touch,Feel like I own the world,The trying hard to be innocent(In a Nothing happened here Ma'am just trying to destroy the whole compound kind of thing),Backstabber(Am I??),A singer who doesn't care even if I don't know the lyrics and often makes her own loop so no one notices the most obvious mistake of the year,A student who makes stupid excuses,A person who goes back and forth from the canteen,cafeteria,coop(or whatsoever anyone calls the place where they buy food) just to eat special dishes,I frankly have the average score ranging on 25-45/50 during quizes and exams,The one who makes noises and gets annoyed if someone else does the same thing,Clearly one of the boys and also one the girls(But I think I'm more of a neutral person),The peace keeper,One of the I don't know what just happened here and that's it.....

(I bet no one even cares to what I just said)
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An Angel's Regret
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