since june of this year ive been very unhappy with my work. ive kept my mouth shut and did what my readers wanted. only today, ive made the decision to close both stories. kik was a major success and is the reason anybody will read this. blind was where i was the happiest, yet saddest writing. this account will not be deleted because i enjoy reading fanfiction myself and maybe one day, if i am doing it for myself this time, might start writing again. @jolikesbands is the motivation right now for me to do whats best for me, and for my future of literature. for any questions, no kik will not be returning nor will blind. kik me @kkennax if you want to be added to a special group chat because i have a few surprises and final goodbyes. so this is me, signing out for now. i love you guys, see you in the comment section of wattpad and maybe one day my own stories again. love you bOOGERS.


@dansphandana i was planning on rereading blind but i couldnt find it and i saw this i dont think i ever told u to updated but ily even hough we are strangers and i legit will miss blind... (I finished kik and it wad wonderful)


@dansphandana WAIT WHAT


Do whatever makes you happy, and I'll support you whatever your decision is (:
          	  Sorry you felt that way though xx




ugh i looooooved blind so much, but if you feel like that's what's best for you, then stay healthy, stay happy, and don't forget we all love you.


I was looking through my library and found kik. What happened to your stories? 


I still have Kik in my library even though I can't read it now 


hii ily and i hope you're having a great day because you deserve it <33


Hey there, I really adore your writing, kik was probably the best thing ever. I'm glad that I screen shotted my favourite parts of it :') Thank you for writing it. I wish you all the best in life! Love youuu!


hey are you ok? your bio is worrying me a bit. I do hope you're ok <3


that's a relief i'm glad and i hope everything gets better!


im okay. thank you so much for being concerned. (: x


hello, your book kik was one of the reasons i started writing and i know there are many messages below this but i want you to know we love u and i'll be there to support you whenever. my kik is galaxypunks if you need me.


I won't ask what happened, but I hope that you are okay, and whatever is going on in your life is okay, too.
          No pressure to reupload bby (:
          Love you (: