I just love that this first thing I've seen after logging on after two years is some idiot has stolen my Camp Gay story and "continued" it without my permission? You're not allowed to do that. ps hello everyone I'm alive and who else saw PINOF 7


@danisnotonfirex i am really sorry but hey i bit the original Camp Gay that you  wrote is way better i still feel really sorry they should have at least asked you if they could do that


@danisnotonfirex I haven't seen it, and I want to write something like Camp Gay, but I didn't, bc I didn't want to steal of your awesome ideas


Idk if u active but please talk :(


I know you haven't been on for 2 year probley never be on but I want to say the stories you wrote are the best I know you get a lot of update but thats ok I love your stories


It's been 4 1/2 years :/ are you ever going to come back and update? I know that yeah you have a life but its been so long. Alot of us love your stories and we want you to try and update, or at least give us an epilogue. Also, if you are not going to continue with stories like Camp Gay, please give us an update or authors note about not continuing the story. I really enjoy that story and please come back to give us all an explanation. :'(((((


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@MILKTEAJJK wait actually? God fucking dammit. Everyone is leaving shit for kpop. I have nothing against it as a genre and stuff so please no one come for me,  im just kind of annoyed at how many fanfics ive read the last while that are unfinished from a while ago because the author left for kpop. I think if the Fics are gonna stay up, it would be kind of the author to leave a note in the description so we know what we're getting into atleast. Because I don't usually check the last updated dates before I read.  I never thought to.  But lately its like a requirement


Yeah it's annoying, like u can still like Kpop and be in the phandom, but if you're gonna leave at least say. She could've at least said she wasn't gonna finish the stories or send us them :/


-I'm not sure why I feel so strongly about this  -


Yea and like I don't mind kpop but I much prefer my alternative etc. I just wish that unfinished fics that will never be finished had a warning or were taken down. Or the author allows someone to finish it and they both get the credit.  A cowriter sort if agreement.  Then the original author still gets credit, and those of us who want to read it can actually do so without ending up mad at said author


Yo waddup fam? Can I read all of Secrets Better Kept? Whoop thx m8. 


Um, hi. I would like to translate your fanfic ('On good days') into Russian and I need your permission to publish it. 


Sober kisses
          Secrets better kept


Can u send me the whole story to secrets are better as kept secrets plz