Hello! If you're currently taking reading requests, would you mind checking out my new story Rising Venus? Rising Venus is a story of the Werewolf genre with many other fantasy creatures being featured! Unlike other stories on this platform, there will be no: possessive Alpha, weak/Rogue Luna, Alpha side piece, toxic representation of relationships, or "Mine" scene lol. 
          I'm writing this story with the intent of breaking that mold and showcasing a more healthier relationship of Mates. If something like that plus a foreboding prophecy interests you, then I look forward to seeing you in the comments! If not, then thank you for even reading this much and feel free to ignore/delete this request. Below is the link to the story if you'd like to check it out ♡ Btw, I'm waiting on a cover so please ignore the horrible one I made!! 


@lehualani I'd love to check it out! Though I'm not actively reading right now so it might be a while before i read it but I'll check it out and let you know how i find the book i read the description and it sure intrigued me