Hey guys, so I’ve temporarily taken down He Belongs to the Queen.
          	I hate myself for leaving you guys at a cliffhanger, and telling you I’ll update soon when I’ve nearly lost the interest to keep writing. So many things have been changing in my life; questions I’ve had for years have been answered and I don’t know what to think or feel or do anymore.
          	Everything has been a mess, in the past four months I can’t seem to do anything productive. It’s like I’ve suddenly lost interest in things I used to love. Every chapter I write, I end up hating and deleting it because I want to put out my best work for you guys. It’s what you deserve. Only the best, which is why I feel terrible for not updating. It’s unfair to you guys to leave you hanging. I want to take the story down for now, and write more chapters near the end of the story before I publish it for you guys to read so you no longer have to hear my excuses that I’m tied if making.
          	I don’t know when that’s going to happen, because I don’t know when I’m ever going to feel better. For years, I’ve lived my life, constantly making choices that make me unhappy or harmed because I thought it’s what I deserved. But I’m tired of living that way. Writing was my own way to escape, and that paradise had suddenly disappeared. I want a change. I don’t like how I’ve become right now and this is not the person I want to be in the future.
          	Over the past two years I’ve been on Wattpad when I published SBTTK, you guys have given me nothing but support and love. So in return, I’ll try my very hardest to get better and write you the best SBTTK sequel!!
          	Sidenote: you don’t have to answer, but for those who have had experience;
          	How do you know if you need therapy? I don’t know if I can fix these problems on my own or if I really need help. And is it scary? Thinking about going makes me a bit afraid. Being intimate is hard for me to do. Even opening up to my own parents is a different task.
          	Is it worth it? Does it help?


your well-being is more important i love your books so much but if you need time take time 


When you’re thinking about therapy , it’s probably time for you to go. Everyone should go to therapy at least once in their lives. You need someone to vent to that is natural and will not judge you. Trust me. I have a therapy on speed dial. It’s the best feeling every 


Hi I just wanted to ask what happened to the sequel I love the story and the characters and please update soon


Hhiiii yeah first let me say She belong to the King was everything. I love this book and fell in love with the characters. But what happened to the sequel. I have questions like did Ace put a ring on Mia finger and what happened with the Louis character and did Levi find someone to call his own and all the other secrets that been hiding. Please I need to know 


So I just read your book and I have to say it captured my attention fully,I ignored everyone just to finish it and I loved was just awesome,can't wait for the next book


Aw thank you so much! ❤️


What happen to 'he belongs to the queen' ??? Are you gonna rewrite it??? Sorry, I really didn't know what happen. Cause if I remember, there's a sequel to ' she belongs to the king '. 


I’ve taken it down for personal reasons


Really really hope you find your love for writing back and get over the hurdles your going through. I know how it is to have love and passion then something happens and you just blank on everything except watching tv or random things on it to find escape. I for one loved She Belongs to the King and can’t wait till you write He Belongs to the Queen . 


Thank you so much ❤️❤️


          I love your book "She Belongs to the King," and I honestly adore the title; it's what mostly drew me to the book. It looks like I am going to keep reading your books because I love reading romances lol...
          Anyway, I have managed to finally gather the bravery to publish my first poetry book, and would really love it if anyone could check it out. I would really appreciate all the support.
          Have a great day!! :-)