My little Valentine. He was my fish. My very first pet. I was so happy. We prepared everything for him. I did my research and made sure everything was perfect, and when my dad and I finally brought him home, I felt happier then I ever did in years. He was the one thing that actually kept me living through another day. He was a reason why I should wake up in the morning, but then he died. And now I’m done.


@crystal5466 I'm so sorry to hear that. Losing a pet can be really hard, I should know. My pms are open if you ever need to rant❤


@crystal5466 Sorry to hear that. Loads of support and love! If you need to talk I am here. You can message me privately on wattpad (everything is confidential) :-)


@crystal5466 I can't imagine losing your first pet that you really loved. Some people might say, it's just a fish why are you crying about it. They just don't understand when you get your first ever pet, it's amazing. I'm really truly deeply sorry for your lost and I wish I could so much more. Its upsetting, but just remember if you feel this affected by his lost then you know you had real love for him. Stay strong! ❤ (Again, I'm so sorry I can't do more and that this comment isn't enough to help but just know you're not alone )


Hey author....I'm officially deeply in love with your story. But I thought I should inform you about someone who has the exact same plot as your first book..She belongs to the queen...Even the title is the same. I was too disgusted to go on with the book.


Hi author hope your doing well and staying safe, I just would like to know if you’ll be updating HBTTQ no pressure to update I am just in love with your story