camila wilson, born halloween of 1989. adoptive sister of sam wilson, the falcon.

when she was just 14, she snooped around a little too much in her scientist neighbor's shed, trying to figure out whether neighborhood rumors were true, when a freak accident trapped her in the shed and caused pretty severe injuries, as well as telekinesis and flight. the girl worked hard to control her powers, eventually being discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents of theirs helped her with her powers, and she was hired as an agent, eventually being promoted to an avenger after the battle of sokovia. after thanos blipped half the population, camila lost her brother and some of her best friends, though she wasn't blipped along with them. she worked to help reverse the blip, finding the true extent of her powers along the way.

( marvel oc anon; est. 2018, revamped 2022. selective multiship. penned by kobra; minor, 15-17 age range. main account is @kirktheripper )
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