this message may be offensive
riley im gonna write this and you better not delete it just in case you do im finna write one on the book too someOTHER day because this ones gonna be long. so you mean so much to me and i will not ever stop being your friend like luigi did, that was an ass move of his but i want this paragraph to make my baby happy so moVING ON. we've had so many talks and i swear those days im not on i miss you so much and i lowkey just come on to talk to mostly you, you make me laugh and smile and you just brighten up my day. you can come to me for any and every problem you have it will never ever annoy me because i want to either make you happy with my corny ass jokes or fix it because i dont like you sad we both know we already are boots and dora and unpredictable is so our theme song. you never fail to make me happy. you also make me feel like i can come to you with my problems and that makes me feel so loved and riley i will never ever be able to show how much that means to me no matter how hard i try so for now ill keep on sending you my long ass goodnight texts talking about how much i love and adore you. dont ever change for anyone smurf i love the way you are and i wouldnt change anything about you. ever. i love you more than anyone else thanks for being MY bestfriend and for making me happy youre my most favorite 
          love, your daDdy abi 
          mwah mwah smurf