many years ago, a young wolf cub was put into a rocket by scientists. they wanted to see if she would survive. the rocket shot off into the sky and breached earth's barriers towards space. unfortunately, headquarters lost the rocket's location after two days, and the mission was considered a major flop.

a long time later, that same rocket dropped into the depths of a forest. from the smoke came an azure wolf with bright white moons for eyes. her name was rune, and she was going to visit her homeland one last time.

see... those scientists hadn't realised the wolf cub had actually been a werewolf. back then, aliens had found that floating rocket and had raised her as their own. she was odd alright, but that didn't matter. her stay on their odd planet caused her to develop cosmic abilities beyond recognizable.

now the wolf is all grown up and she roams earth's forests, discovering and wondering if space is better than earth.

🟣 human form: https://bit.ly/3dpL4bW
🟡 wolf form: https://bit.ly/37q3TaV
⚪ bisexual and multiship.
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  • fandomless cosmic! wolf oc. nsfw themes. penned by seven.
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