Probably By May 2016.


Hey guys! 
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Call your book a "slow burn" not it get better as you read it. Slow burn builds up the story


Hey friend! Where are you? When are u going to post the next episode of fifty shades alternative..I m really really waiting a lot


Hello came across your profile and saw you like fifty shades. I have a couple of fifty shades stories in my stories list for you yo look at. There are "Fifty Shades of Mr. Grey", " Top's & Bottom's" or even a reverse fifty shades called "Fifty Shades of Steele book 1 - 3". Have fun. **blessings**


Hey there! I'm sorry about being late, but I checked out your book and I can't stop reading it! It's absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work! I was wondering if you could check out my book and maybe give me some feedback? It would mean the world! Thank you!


@scrabblz thank you for the feedback and sure!❤