merry merry christmas!! i love you all and i hope you have a beautiful holiday whether or not you’re celebrating christmas! oh and fyi a late present is headed your way around new years (;


Hey ,
          I hope ur doing wekk. 
          Not getting enough motivation from people may lead me to stop writing
          I would appreciate if you support and follow my books. 


Hi there! I'm Linsey. I'm a young writer, aspiring to get my poems out there in the world. Poetry as always been my passion and my therapy. I started writing my first book on Wattpad, I was sceptical at first but then I figured I have nothing to lose if I try. So it would be an absolute honour if you could take a look at my book "Only Him" and maybe give me some feedback on my writing?I would be more than happy to do the same in return ANNDD throw in some votes as well. Thank you for your time. 


hi linsey! i read through your book and it’s so wonderful! i’m glad you gave poetry a try. it can be hard sometimes and i get stuck in my head and discouraged often, but you can channel that into your writing. i’m excited to see other things you write!