Hi guys, 
          	So I have a few new titles with me, and you guys can decide if you would like me to start with any one of these or continue with the old ones. So without further ado, here are the new story titles:
          	1. Escaping the Hitman
          	2. Fighting the Assassin
          	3. Belonging to the Tyrant
          	4. Loving the Playboy (college romance)
          	5. Hiding from the Tycoon
          	6. Breaking the Mogul
          	Let me know if you would like me to start any of these stories on Wattpad


@coinikee please update ensnared. I want to know about Evanora & Camden. Please please update it.


@coinikee Belonging to the Tyrant/ Hiding from the  Tycoon
          	  I love the Dark themes, somewhat twisted but you gotta love them. We end reading almost all the books.
          	  Stay safe.


@coinikee Thank you!!!!!!!!!


Hello author I've read all your books will there be books of other two kings and remainig one mafia adone novel? If it's posted somewhere I would like to read that too...I've been waiting for your new work in this platform.


Hey Kimi
          How are you?
          I just want to ask a question.
          I have considered having my story on inkitt but also here on Wattpad? Is it possible? Also have you gotten your novels published on inkitt or are they all free? 
          Have a good day and enjoy the summer:)


When will you write the stories trapped by the king and imprisoned by the king? I'm just curious because I really love those 4 kings.. Did u post it on inkitt Or anywhere else? Please respond.. Thank you