Omg I just realized after reading Kingdom of Ash:
          	Sienna = Aelin
          	Kayden = Rowan


@claudiaoverhere  Kingdom of Ash was absolutely mind blowing. I have never felt such strong feelings towards a book.


@claudiaoverhere  Hi! You are my favorite author EVER and I read the Perfect Illusion like 5 times and ITS AMAZING! I know you are very busy, but may you write a sequel for perfect illusion? You are such a fantastic writer and your stories always make my day! I read perfect Illusion 3 years ago and I always read it over and over again. Please write a sequel! Have an amazing day I LOVE YOU


Won't their be a book for Cara and Simon only?! I've been waiting for years now


Recently read perfect illusion and fell in love with it but don’t know the order of the books to continue reading. Help?


@Francissmith128 You probably figured this out already but it's:
            1. Perfect Illusion
            1.5 Perfect Ruin
            3. Perfect Addiction
            4. Perfect Redemption 
            But you should read Perfect Ruin after Perfect Addiction. Apparently there's also a book that hasn't been posted yet called Perfect Collision that also goes in the series. 


Perfect Illusion was by far one of the best books I have read on here. Hats off to you for writing that heartbreaking and loving book. It left me giddy one moment and sobbing the next. Truro ya roller coaster you wouldn't want to miss.