My dearest readers, especially those who live in the US:
          	I'm so sorry about Trump. And I'm so sorry to all of you who believe Trump was a viable option for this election. I'm sorry you have a broken political system that does no justice for women, people/women of colour, people/women of the LGBTQ+ margin, disabled people, people of all faiths, etc. I'm sorry that so many of your citizens lacked the compassion that the world has proven to be capable of prior to yesterday.
          	I hope this reminds everybody to be good people regardless of their political stance. Love each other, because we all know this world needs it.


I downloaded this app around 2014 to read fictional stories based on 5 members of a band as a way to distract myself from the outside world while I was going through my depression.  Your works are some of the first fics i fell in love with. Psycho and Coalescence honestly were two great works of art both with unique plot lines that evoked so many emotions among all of us as readers whether it was suspense or sadness and heartbreak and love with hints of comic relief among other emotions. I haven’t been on this app for years after 2016 up until recent and I happened to reread coalescence for the 3rd time because I just remember loving the story so much regardless of how heartbroken I felt after reading it. I finally had the courage to read the letters to Sperling when I found out about your passing through the comments. To find out that you’re not with us is absolutely heartbreaking. 
          Thank you so much for sharing your words with us and introducing us to your world of writing. Rest In Peace angel 


i was holding back in reading letters to sperling for about 5 months because i saw that there were no updates but now that i read it during quarantine and i realized what happened.... i am very heartbroken ❤️ rest in peace angel,, your works will always have a place in my heart... we know you’re in a better place now and we love you... thank you for everything 


@-stylles she passed away in a car accident i think :(


can someone explain what happened? I’m scared 


Fly high angel, I had no idea that you passed away, I just found out after reading Coalescence and I'm so sad to hear the news. I loved the story. You were very talented, thank you for sharing your writing with us. Rest in Peace Angel 


Psycho was one of the first books I ever read here and I absolutely fell in love with your writing. I'm so sorry for what happened to you but I hope you know you touched a lot of people's lives and we miss you a lot. 
          Rest in peace angel.


Thank you for everything youve done for everyone. I hope that whatever happens and where ever you are you know you made a hudge difference to so many people lives.


I’m broken. you were a wonderful author and your books still never fail to and bring tears to my eyes. you deserved to live a long life and I know you would’ve done huge things with your talent and writing. your work will be cherished and you will be missed. I wish you were still here to see the way your books move people. 
          fly high angel ♡ 


 I'm grieving your lose now, a year later , but never thought i would be sad about someone i never know, you were brilliant, wrote a magnificent book that i really think one of the best i ever read, coalescence always made sad at the end, but to  know you facing the same fate , way too early in life... its not fair, words are futile devices at this point, you were loved, may you rest in peace