My dearest readers, especially those who live in the US:
          	I'm so sorry about Trump. And I'm so sorry to all of you who believe Trump was a viable option for this election. I'm sorry you have a broken political system that does no justice for women, people/women of colour, people/women of the LGBTQ+ margin, disabled people, people of all faiths, etc. I'm sorry that so many of your citizens lacked the compassion that the world has proven to be capable of prior to yesterday.
          	I hope this reminds everybody to be good people regardless of their political stance. Love each other, because we all know this world needs it.


Your books touched my heart and I could tell you were passionate and overall a fantastic person. May you Rest In Peace.


I read your story psycho almost two years ago and I was absolutely mind blown and i came back to this account just to find out that you're gone, I hope your soul rests in peace angel xx


You are an amazing and talented person, and you will be missed. Sending prayers to family and friends. Fly high beautiful rest in peace. ❤️


I just started reading Coalescence and I wanted to learn more about the author so I came to this profile. I'm devastated to hear such horrible news, because you were taken away so bloody soon. The sad part is I never got the opportunity to tell you how amazing your writing is. I hope where ever you are, may God bless you forever and always! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful masterpieces of art. You'll always be remembered and loved. Rest in peace sweet creature.


i didn't even know about this until now, I feel so bad :'(( rest in peace love <3