are you back? i noticed you updated the sequel to “i just want you to in know who i am” yesterday.


hey are you done with roses and thorns?


Hey babes, i was just wandering if ‘Capsize me and douse me if your bay’ is over or not <3


Hi, are you going to be updating Capsize me and douse me in your bay? Or is it finished? 


Hey where is part3


i have currently read every story you have, waiting for another chapter  your writing skills are what i prefer, professional and spelled correctly with good grammar. keep it up (:


Your book was amazing any chance if your gonna do a next one ? 


its history is wonderful, I would like to translate it into Portuguese-Brazil. Did I weave your permission? I will credit all of you.


Hey I just read the first chapter of your story... it isvreally good I hope u continue it or make another.