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I'm a very involved reader of fan-fictions from the Harry Potter fandom that are well-written, unique in their ideas and logically structured. As I'm from Germany, I like to read fan-fictions in German and English.

I've also started to post stories in 2018, that center around Severus Snape. Every story ships him with a different woman, is rated M and pictures a happy life for Severus in an AU way. I would appreciate it if you could check my stories out and give me some feedback - constructive criticism, as well as positive feedback, is greatly awaited.

1. A magical affair

In July 1978, Petunia and Severus have a chance meeting at their local playground, share some comfort drinks, and start off a new friendship. As Petunia is envious of Lily's and Severus' magical powers, Severus offers her an education in magical history, spells, and culture. Sparks between them begin to fly. They spend a passionate night together but try to label as a mistake on the next morning, move on with their newfound friendship and experience magical adventures.

2. Black Rose

In February 1978, a twenty-two-year-old Bellatrix Black notices, that she is pregnant by the poor, arrogant, Slytherin Half-blood, Severus Snape. Her whole world crumbles down because this news destroys her plans of marrying the homosexual Rodolphus Lestrange in a business-like marriage, being branded with the Dark Mark and becoming the mistress of the Dark Lord. How will they handle their changed lives?

3. The Quest for Happiness

In January 2000, Ginny Weasley lives an unhappy life. She doesn't love her boyfriend Harry, suffers from PTSD and hates her job. A chance meeting with the mysterious, darkly handsome Potioneer Sage Prince in a London pub, changes her life drastically. Ginny begins to change her life for the better. They fall quickly for each other, but Ginny doesn't know, that her Prince charming is actually her de-aged former Potions Master, Severus Snape.

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