Hi Guys,
          	I have started writing my third book "A sweet surrender to an Alpha". I hope you people will love it similar to my other books. I wish you people will support me in this new journey with your votes, comments and feedback.
          	Your lovely Author


Hey, sorry for sneaking and posting without permission but I am a new writer and I recently started my book. I hope you will give it a read and let me know if you like it❣️. Also make sure to vote, comment, share and hit that follow button. Hope you have a great day ahead. Here's the link to my book- 


Hey there Author,
          Sorry for posting without your permission but if you're taking reading requests then do check out my book "His Little Monster" in your free time. I hope you would like it.



Hello author ❤
          I hope u are doing fine... 
          Can you please let us know when u are planning to update'Married to my gigglemug' Or let us know whether u are taking a break... It's been too long since u updated last chapter.though we know you must be busy but it's frustrating for us too.... It's disheartening to check every time and yet not getting an update. So it will be helpful towards us if you can inform about the update