Hi, can you please read this book me and my friends made. It's called the Possession Of Hannah Grace. Thank you


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Hey there lovely! It would absolutely mean ALOT to me if you read my book! It’s a park Jimin Fanfiction! I’m not forcing u tho! Have a great day/night, stay safe!! Here’s the link to my book if you wanna give it a try! https://my.w.tt/Pb0StEycwbb  ❤️~❤️


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Hello, please pay attention... 
          We lost a beloved army a few days ago. 
          I wish he was still among us but unfortunately he is not. 
          I have started a little project on weverse for Taehyeong who passed away, so that bangtan can notice the news about the poor guy and wish him to rest in peace. 
          Please go on weverse. 
          Search #KangTaehyeong 
          A post will appear by @Kyutie
          Give that post a cheer and mention your wattpad username in the comments. 
          Please armys, help. 
          Taehyeong would have been really happy...


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