Hi there, I'm Shirlyn, an avid wattpad reader currently gravitating towards writing. I've developed a rather unhealthy obsession to bad boys and find thorough entrainment in toxic relationships. Come on who doesn't?  

I'm from Africa, specifically Kenya. I know *inserted gasps* the fact that I'm from a non English speaking third world country, paired with my dyslexia should undoubtedly be a blinking discouragement towards my writing. For a while it was, until recently when I took a large leap.

"Holden Steele's Ruin" is the first book I have ever written, and I honestly never deciphered it would amount to what it is now. Rightfully so, I'm deeply appreciative to all its readers and follows. They might not know this, but they mean more than some measly numbers accumulation on my wattpad account. To me they are a proclamation that I'm much more than a disorder I'm damned with, and I'm forever grateful.

Fist book <Holden Steele's Ruin> (Complete)
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Story by cavishwa
Holden Steele's Ruin [Completed] by cavishwa
Holden Steele's Ruin [Completed]
What happens when brooding quarterback, Holden Steele, falls for a broken girl? ...
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