⤷                                        𝘊 𝘈 𝘚 𝘚 𝘐 𝘋 𝘠  𝘋 𝘈 𝘕 𝘐 𝘚 𝘌 

fear has always bothered cassidy . it's only been an inconvenience to
how he does things . taking an incriminating photo through a window ,
only to be caught . falling backwards into the brush and rushing home
to have a PANIC attack in the comfort of his own home when his mind
REPEATS the moment over and over . it's annoying to him .

but he's SCARED . gathering information about the people he's AFRAID
of makes his stomach drop . but it's so SATISFYING when it all works
out . when he can plant a note in someone's locker telling them that he
KNOWS and that they should stop picking on him before he TELLS every
fucking person in the school . he gets. . . passionate about revenge .
especially with all the broken cameras he's had to replace .

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