sometimes life knocks you off your feet when you least expect it. maybe it's when you've finally reached every single goal and then life hits you hard with- not a lemon- but a whole planet. you mistook that planet as a token, a bundle of happiness hurtling towards you but then you realize that it isn't when it knocks you off your feet and straight to the ground flat on your back- not your face because life wants you to see yourself fall as everyone else rises in that second and it's up to you to get up. sure you've heard the saying "it's not about getting hit, it's about getting up." yeah, you gotta get up, yeah you can't give up. but you're on the ground and getting up only means you'll still be off balance. you can't possibly be your strongest.  maybe no one has ever said this to you, but i am right now. stay on the ground for as long as you need to. take a freaking nap or sleep for ten days on the ground, i don't care how long you stay on the ground but you better get back up. it's not about how fast you can get up, but about how much stronger you are when you get back up. how much more you can handle doesn't matter, it's about you not giving up. because if you have hope, if you continue on and take your time when getting back on your feet, you're actually learning. you're actually living. so yeah, life can knock you down when you least expect it. but at least you can get up when life least expects it.


"it's not about how fast you get up, but how stronger you are when you get back up" amazing! 


          	  *three thumbs up* (where I found a third thumb, nobody knows....)


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