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when Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of you the 3% of you that care will put this on your profile

❤️💙💚Love is love!❤️💙💚

That man you called ugly, he fought for our country, that girl you teased for being fat, shes starving herself, that girl you teased for shaving her head, her best friend has cancer and shes supporting her, 90% of you wont care, be that 10%who puts this in your bio.

75% Of ThE wOrLd ThInKs WaRrIoRs Is StUpId
15% DoNt CaRe
PuT tHiS iN yOuR oWn FoNt If YoU wOuLd TaKe A hArDcOvEr BoOk AnD hIt PeOpLe SaYiNg StArClAnS oUt FoR rEvEnGe!

Pineapple is good on pizza FIGHT ME

RIP the best group chat I've ever had may 27th 2020-june 3rd 2020

Favorite emoticon: :/

Don't claim to support all if you don't support religion. Please.

I rp creepypasta and sometimes warriors. Pm if you wanna rp-

Favorite song: lie by NF


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Energy?: I have to pee but it's 11:00 pm ;-;


I'm like...5'2

I have memory with middle finger that says Fack you. So sorry if I don't reply

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