hmmmm i think im going to move to another account but im not getting rid of this lshdk in fact im leaving it up bc i cant bring myself to take down anything else on here


does anybody know the new acc name?


what’s the new account 


or does no one know


very random, but i remember reading prism years ago in like 2016-2017 and it was legit my most favorite wattpad fanfiction of all time, i've read it over and over again. it was that memorable that i've recently had a nostalgic phase and i was trying to look for it to reread it again after so many years, it's unfortunate to find out though that it's gone :< i really, really wish that i could read it again, and if the author would see this, i just want to thank u for writing such an amazing story. i hope u are happy and doing well wherever you are.


@ yougotnojams-ie  omg same ! i was looking for it so badly, thought i completely created reading it. so sad they delete it. Was legit one of the best fan fic, comfort one. v sad


hi! i just wanted to tell u how much prism meant to me, it is by far my favourite piece of literature and inspired me to start writing. i first read prism in the summer between 8th and 9th grade, staying up all night reading it was what got me through a particularly hard time in my life. it would be amazing to be able to read it again, but of course only if you are comfortable reposting it :) i hope you’re doing well! <3


Just wanted to say thank you for writing Prism, it was my comfort book like for many others and one of the best story on here. I wish I could read it again one day  I hope everything is okay with you 
          P.s. thank you for introducing me to Norah Jones, Don't Know Why is now my favorite song and every time I listen to it I think about Prism :')


I went looking for prism and went through a lot of trouble only to find out it’s gone. I’m really saddened by this as it was my favorite fanfic. I’m just lucky to have got to read it a couple of times.


prism was the best story i’ve ever read on wattpad. or any online writing platform. i’ve been here for 5 years and still have not seen a better story, and i’m devastated to see it go. 
          i’m so lucky i got to read it before it was deleted. truly what an incredible story. thank you burbnk.


i hate to see prism go. that was really my comfort book on here lmao. i reread it like 10 times. hopefully you put the book back on here maybe that’s your choice. i came on here today to reread it again but i was sadly gone. but your an amazing writer and i loved all of your work! <3