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Ongoing Fics:

-Silent in his obedience
-sleeping beauty and the stoic jade
-The red jade
-what if?
-trapped in their devotion
-solar eclipse
-till death do us part
-a perfect mask for a perfect crime

Coming soon:

- Confectionary (mdzs)
Summary: Au where Xue Yang is older and somehow manages to pick up a little brother after saving Wei Ying from dogs.

- Frostbite in the night (mdzs)
Summary: Wei Wuxian lived in a small Village with his adoptive family ever since his parents died. His new family did not treat him kindly. Aunt Yu would beat him, starve him, and just make his life miserable. Jiang Cheng would bully him and use his mother and his dogs as means to threaten him. Uncle Jiang and Jiang Yanli did nothing. They did nothing and merely turned a blind eye to his suffering.

Aunt Yu kicked him out of the house for the night saying "You're mother was a witch and you surely will be too. You are now seven, old enough to sleep outside. I expect you back here by morning or you will be punished severely."
That night forever changed his life, he never thought he would find a beautiful white dragon when he was just looking for a place to sleep.

- While I scream and shout, leaving endless echos behind (mdzs)
Wei Ying's mother is a prostitute and he is just some bastard child no one would ever care for. Not even his mother. The only thing Wei Ying takes comfort in is that in his previous life's memories his parents loved him dearly.

Lan Zhan is the second son of the police chief. When Lan Zhan meets Wei Ying for the first time he can't help but wonder. 'How can he smile so bright despite the pain?'

Discontinued fics:

-He'll betray you, morty
-nonexistent (unpublished)
-lies that only hide more lies (unpublished)
-amid war

On this account we die like WWX mentally and physically
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Silent in his Obedience by bunniesace
Silent in his Obedience
The moment Madam Yu saw Wei Ying, she knew he'd grow up to be like his mother. He'd grow up to be a unruly bi...
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Trapped in their Devotion by bunniesace
Trapped in their Devotion
Wei Ying wanted to be a musician but his heart was crushed when he failed to get any sort of sponsor or recor...
The Red Jade by bunniesace
The Red Jade
After losing Wei Ying once he did his best to protect him but... He failed. He lost the thing most precious t...
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