WI, U.S.
For those who are questioning yes I am a lesbian
I don't give a crap to all those homophobes so say whatever you need and move on because I don't care what you say I will love who I will love.
I'm 18
I love to draw and write but I don't think I'm that good like I read a lot of the author comments and they say ¨yeah I just wrote this chapter for you guys today hope you like it¨ or ¨it's not edited because I just thought it up¨ and I'm really amazed at how good the chapters are you guys are pooping out chapters really good chapters while I'm still try to figure out the next sentence but I really hope you guys like my ideas. I really do love to read and Write and i might what to become a real artist and and get a book out there, but i also love to draw and work with animals, so I don't know.
I'm also a big procrastinator so yes my stories may no finish for a while.
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