Alot of people find my books disturbing. Heartbreaking. Unimaginable.  And that is exactly how I view my books. I want you to feel what the characters are feeling. I want you to imagine that you are the main character. I don't write books for peope who have a soft heart or want to see a happy ending. I just don't.  So please don't expect it!!. Thanks. I will be updating homeless and pregnant. 


It doesn't matter what they say, just be yourself and write ur book.


It doesn't matter what people say i have read about abuse this one beat all so update soon


And I have one question why in homeless and pregnant. In the story it said that chad not the kid father but the guy who raped her she took his a peace of his hair and and did a DNA test and said it's not the father.


Good night,are you going to update homeless and pregnant or has it been discontinued.


"Raped ,no teacher,you can't help" book was good I spent 6hours reading hoping that it would have a happy ending.fuccccckkkkkkk.I just hope that there would be maybe a sequel ? about Ethan and Rose ? Ok bye