Hey guysss..I know I haven't updated in a while and I'm sorrrry. But honestly there's a legit reason. Here's my first problem: I need help!!!! second: I don't get on wattpad as much as I used to which is brutal for you guys (life man smh). I really, really need ideas or just anything from anyone. I want to get back into updating everyday like in the beginning, but I just need some direction. I'm making sure to get a lot of chapters written so you guys never wait like this. just please don't give up on me, keep those stories in your library yo :) I'm sorry that I'm so bad at replying to everyone but I just never get on here. I share a twitter account with my friend and will most likely always reply to you on there - @louistattooo (ha) but yeah u guys stay cool and please don't hate me!! 


@WantAPieceOfCake This almost made me cry


@bonnaroo Wow can't believe its been over a year, come back to us Xx


@bonnaroo We would never ever hate you!! I still have migraines in my library because its literally amazeballs, and I can't wait for an update!!<3<3<3<3