I want you to know that you're an amazing person.
          If I don't get this back I understand.
          But I (and this is a challenge as a whole) have a game for you.
          Once you read this message you must send it to 15 other people, including me.
          If you get atleast three back you are loved.
          (If not you are still loved by Jesus, we do not discourage people here.)
          Nobody knows how important something is until they lose it.
          Tonight at 11:59, the person you love the most will realize they love you.
          Then at 1:00-2:00pm be ready for the shock of your life.
          If you break the chain, you will receive bad luck.
          With love, send this to 15 people.
          If you don't, you will turn ugly (in other people's eyes) for a year.
          A friend told me to do this I'M SO SORRY! (T^T) ❤ so pass it.
          Tomorrow, two people will ask for your number.


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