....i’m alive....but i just don’t know how to continue my stories at the pace you guys deserve with the way things have been this year. i’m really sorry, i hate disappointing y’all after the support and kindness i’ve received since i first started this account. i really what to get back into writing void, i miss it so much, but i’m just depleted at this point :( 


@bisexauI take a break as long as you want i'll wait on you! and if you don't want to finish that's fine as long as you're ok.


this message may be offensive
@ bisexauI  its totally fine take ur time. And the fuck u nevee dissapoint us the fuck. Like if i even tried to write a book ot would be a whole mess like damn u are talented. Take ur tine i hope u r still alive and shit 


@bisexauI What about calli and billie like they deserve to have their story finished


I miss you and I hope you’re having a good life with covid and stuff -I know you’re probably logged out atp but I just wanted to say I love your books and your writing xx