Working on a new book; ‘she cries with no emotion;’ dedicated to all those who suffer from depression and anxiety. This story is based on what I went through, so please don’t be harsh. 
          	Thank you.


@beldridge  Hiii!!! I just want to say, I love Cleardawn's Silence, and I'm only at the beginning!  I like how unique the cats are! I just wish people would realize they are fictional characters


Sorry guys I’m pretty sure she ain’t coming back I’d read her books but I hate books that end on cliffhangers or just don’t have an ending, if she updates again I’ll DEFINITELY read them :) but looks like she might be gone for good :(


Hi! I'm a fan of your Warrior cats fanfic series, I love your writing style and the plot! I was just wondering if you might want to check out my own series, Dawning Snow? I'm still on book one but I post a new chapter almost daily. I would rally like some constructive criticism from an amazing write like you! :)
          Thank you for your time :)


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Hey, my friend reads this book series (?) warriors and she made a discord. And worked very hard about it. So if you’re down for rp and shit like that you should join. I’m there.... but I do NOT participate. I just a moderator.... plus I’m just there to troll cause I get bored. 
          Anyway, join.


Guys she's never taken a break this long. I don't think she's coming back. We should stop harassing her, lol


Thats supposed to be a shrug emoji smh


@ryeriley it’s not really funny, I just tend to say “lol” to lighten the mood. Bad habit I can’t seem to kick. I do it irl too ‍♀️


@pootermeow "lol?" jeez